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Rory Lavelle is a Belfast based song-writer and performer specialising in dark, brooding acoustic alt-rock. Taking influence from artists as diverse as Bill Withers, David Kitt, Nick Drake and Radiohead his debut album Waves is laden with soulful, melancholic hooks atop a rich organic backdrop.

Rory Lavelle

From opening for Ian Brown to a packed Ulster Hall to spending long cold winter nights sleeping on the floor of a Ford Transit van, at this stage Rory has done most of it if not it all. 

The level of prestige may peak and dip but the passion remains. “I suppose it’s just a hobby more than a job for you these days?” a fan and friend once asked. It’s neither. It simply is.

Growing up in a small border town in Ireland there was little to do but nurture an already burgeoning obsession with 60’s pop-rock. A hum and a foot-tap led to a voice and a guitar which in turn led to Rory Lavelle’s first foray’s into what would become a life-long career in music. 

Having experienced previous local successes with his bands Indigo Fury and Sparks Fly, Rory is soon to release his first solo long-player “Waves”. Written, arranged, performed and recorded by Rory with a little help from his friends the album is due for release in early 2017.

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